What Is Contemporary British Literature?

Is your idea of Heaven a good book? For most people, their earliest memory is of snuggling up in bed with Mum or Dad reading a bedtime story together. Some of us carry on that love of books throughout childhood and beyond, becoming avid readers. Later in life, we not only enjoy reading but develop an obsession with discussing novels and recommending the best reads to our friends. We belong to a book club or reading group and peruse the Internet for discussions on the latest publications. We read reviews, have ideas and opinions about novels and fill our shelves with future reads. So many books, so little time!

shutterstock_365815400Lovers of Contemporary British Literature

As a love of reading develops, it will definitely encompass contemporary British literature. The definition of contemporary is belonging to or occurring in the present, so it actually covers most of the modern books that we enjoy. There are many different genres, from detective to science fiction, and a book lover will normally try them all. A real passion for literature can often lead to a career in Journalism or media. A Bachelor in English literature studies a wide range of writing – from Chaucer and Shakespeare to today’s global writers. Students develop communication skills, becoming adept at arguing a point and analysing meaning. The rest of us just read.

Why we love to read so much

Why exactly do we love to read? Escape must have something to do with it, the feeling of being in a completely different place. Books take away our time and space so that we can travel to the future or past, to exotic places or historical events. Reading can be a form of complete relaxation when we are curled up in a comfortable place, with a coffee and favourite novel. We find inspiration from books and learn about culture, history, love and tragedy by reading. Most importantly, we learn about life and meaning. When an author writes a book they want to say something. We can learn from that.