English Language & Literature at Universities

With an English Literature degree, students develop and scrutinize written and spoken communication skills. The beauty of English degree graduates is that they are found in every industry, filling many different and exciting roles in media and publishing, just to name a few examples. Students who are interested in magazine publishing need to get experience with an internship during their studies or involvement with a publication at a university. They should look to build a portfolio of published works which will be presented at job interviews. It’s also important to choose a university which offers a wide range of writing courses under the English department umbrella.

shutterstock_35551669Get Your A-level Qualification in English

Bachelor and Master degrees are taught in many universities globally. An English degree will often focus on literature and language, while also allowing students to specialize in a certain applied area. A course with a focus on English literature means students study literary texts from history, while a course in writing is focused on production aspects. An English language-focused degree trains students to analyze the English language in specialized environments as well. English language and literature universities require an A-level high school qualification in English, while other liberal arts subjects are also helpful. Subsequently, the specialization can lead to a law degree or successful career in different sectors of publication.

Nurturing an Interest in English Literature

There are loads of options open to those with Master’s degrees in English literature. You should look at cowesprimary.co.uk, as it can guide parents whose primary school child has a special aptitude towards language and literature. The information will also be of interest to school teachers. If your child spends more time in the library than anywhere else, you might well see them working towards a Master’s degree in English literature in the not too far-off future. These Master’s degree programs in English literature allow students to individualize their courses, of which editing, writing and journalism are just some of the potential career paths, as mentioned above.