Career Advice If You Are Studying English Literature

Through written words, literature introduces the reader to the writer’s society, language and culture. Thus, literature has an extremely important part in most societies. Simply put, literature means something creative. Generally, in texts, but sometimes spoken as well. Poetry, drama and fiction are all part of literature. On the other hand, journalism is а part of it, too, although, journalism is based on facts and objectivity. Thus, sometimes literature can be difficult to put in one simple category. However, literature’s ability is to bring joy and pleasure to readers. Moreover, without literature, it would have been much more difficult to understand and learn more about different cultures in the World.

shutterstock_221898781Everyone should study English literature

Studying English literature does not only mean studying English language, but also English culture. England has an extremely rich and long history. For example, through Shakespeare and other writers and poets, the student learns more about the English culture in the 16th and 17th century. Thus, it makes it even more interesting, because it takes the reader for a little journey to different centuries. A bachelor in English literature introduces you to some of the most fascinating and beautiful books in history. Anyone, whose hobby is to read books, should definitely apply to study English literature. Moreover, studying English literature helps you being more creative, initiative and inventive.

Studying literature gives you many opportunities

Anyone, who decides to study English literature, will get great written and spoken communication skills. They will get the perfect knowledge of the English language and its culture. Thus, graduates of English literature can be seen in many industries, because of their high level of knowledge. Usually, graduates with an English degree are working in media and journalism, publishing, teaching and other academic spheres. Not only limited to those, they also tend to work in advertising and marketing, public sector, law, business and finance. It opens up many doors, countless numbers of careers and industries. No one can wrong by choosing English literature as their degree.