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Deceit in Children’s Literature

There was a time when Sherlock Holmes and Watson had to use firearms to solve one of their cases. Dorian and his schoolmates were very disappointed. They felt betrayed, just like that time when Tom and Jerry

The Benefits of Reading for Children in School Age

Picking a book, sitting down and reading seems like a simple task but, with kids, lately it has increasingly been losing ground to digital and virtual gadgets, like game consoles, computers, films, and smartphones. Reading a classic

Schoolchildren and Animals

Burt moved along among the orange trees. The sunlight fell down on him so intensely that he was forced to squint. The white dove jumped from one branch to another, and another, and disappeared between the thick

Primary School – Dear, Old Alma Mater

Burt was not sure whether the sweetness he felt came from the song of that majestic, blue, ashen bird or from the drunk clouds that vanished in the horizon. Then the singing ceased, rather abruptly, the birds

Literature for Schoolchildren

At twelve, Dorian thought of death as something remote and pleasurable; and he thought of rivers at night, running in the dark. There was a dog in the house next door, and Dorian wanted more than anything