Art. As viewed from the eyes of an outsider

Art is the oldest way of human expression. It’s how we’ve passed down our stories from one generation to the other, how we’ve immortalized moments and characters that changed the course of history. Art is raw creation, passion, and emotion flowing out from the world of ideas, into the real world.

It is said that a life without art, is a life lived poorly. Can you see why? Every form of art is sustenance for the spirit. Art is everywhere, even in the eyes of an outsider: from the design of everyday objects to timeless pieces in a museum’s world.

And those who create art, the artists, have been greatly misunderstood since the birth of humanity. Artists are researchers, creative problem-solvers with incredible observation and analytical skills, and self-motivated. A Master  of Fine Arts is a great way for young prospective artists to channel their ideas and imagination in a productive and strategic manner, that would ensure their success all along their career.

Art is about so much more than what we see, feel, and hear. Its layers and dimensions are almost to the eye of the beholder, and it takes courage and strength to pursue this career. But is there anything more rewarding – for those who see art – than to become an artist?