The History of English Literature

English literature roots go back hundreds of years from North Germanic tribes that settled in England around the 5th century. Most Old English works were passed from one generation to the next orally before the introduction of

British Literature Everyone Should Read

Great Britain has produced many classic novels that stood the test of time, many poets have expressed their feelings in the form of words. Starting with the classic novel “1984” by George Orwell. One of the most

Career Advice If You Are Studying English Literature

Through written words, literature introduces the reader to the writer’s society, language and culture. Thus, literature has an extremely important part in most societies. Simply put, literature means something creative. Generally, in texts, but sometimes spoken as

What Is Contemporary British Literature?

Is your idea of Heaven a good book? For most people, their earliest memory is of snuggling up in bed with Mum or Dad reading a bedtime story together. Some of us carry on that love of

English Language & Literature at Universities

With an English Literature degree, students develop and scrutinize written and spoken communication skills. The beauty of English degree graduates is that they are found in every industry, filling many different and exciting roles in media and

Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe also wrote many stories popular among elementary schoolchildren. At least while Dorian attended school. Mystery stories like The Black Cat or The Murders in the Rue Morgue. Were they considered children’s literature or real

Literature and Religion in School

Dorian fantasized about a thousand times, for example, about faking his own death and seeing the reaction of family and friends. He also dreamed of being stranded on a desert island with his best friend, smoking a

Popular Children’s Literature in Europe

By night, Dorian always dreamed of the noise the Mississippi River made while running. Most of all, he envied the many kids who lived by that river; so many consonants! The river that ran near his home

Deceit in Children’s Literature

There was a time when Sherlock Holmes and Watson had to use firearms to solve one of their cases. Dorian and his schoolmates were very disappointed. They felt betrayed, just like that time when Tom and Jerry

The Benefits of Reading for Children in School Age

Picking a book, sitting down and reading seems like a simple task but, with kids, lately it has increasingly been losing ground to digital and virtual gadgets, like game consoles, computers, films, and smartphones. Reading a classic